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Battling Bad Keepers and Baseball Cards

It was a light week from me because of the travels. Wrote about some keeper fantasy league strategy (keep younger guys coming off good years and re-draft the older guys that should bounce back, plus a little nuance here and … Continue reading

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Barry Bonds – Ol Dirty Bastard Career Mashup

In honor of a new, made up, baseball stat, I envisioned a mashup of the careers of two of the oldest dirtiest bastards.

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Hipsters With Attitude

This hipster has a hipster bike and is grabbing at his hipster crotch, metaphorically.

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A Contrast in Hero-ship

I’ll tell you what I’m NOT saying when I put this video of cops daggering at the Labor Day parade in New York next to this next video of people heroically pulling a motorcyclist from a burning pile of death … Continue reading

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Fun on FanGraphs

First, I did a little mini writeup on Fernando Perez, an outfielder just trying to make his way to the bigs while listening to good music, reading interesting books, and writing about it on his tumblr. I love his perspective … Continue reading

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How to Prove You Haven’t Forgotten

Make a ‘cake’ out of shrimp and calamari.   Buy some new shoes. Get a haircut. In other words, spend some money on atrocious things. [UniWatch and NY.eatery]

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Colbert SuperPAC Donors

I love names. That crawl at the bottom of the Colbert Report always draws my eye even as I listen to his jokes. Genius. I was finally rewarded for my vigilance the other day: Mike Hunt should probably put some … Continue reading

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