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Unmanly Things Secretly Manly

Of course we are all tired of the unmanly ads from Miller Lite and Dr. Pepper. There are as many different ways to be a man as there are men, and these cookie-cutter ads don’t really seem to be gaining … Continue reading

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How to Prove You Haven’t Forgotten

Make a ‘cake’ out of shrimp and calamari.   Buy some new shoes. Get a haircut. In other words, spend some money on atrocious things. [UniWatch and NY.eatery]

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Douchey Blueprint Tee

A how-to shirt on how to make a douchey shirt: Yes. Although I probably still wouldn’t wear it. [BuzzFeed]

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Nice Car

Nice car, sweet picture, and great tumblr, but it also reminds me I got to post pics of my dad’s ’64 Corvette soon.

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Fashion Don’t: Football Drug Rug

I mean, don’t do it, right? Speaks for itself:

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