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Family, Family, Family (Book) Turkey Sandwich Review

Took the week off to have Turkey Day with the family, as everyone did. Turned out, the best moments weren’t with the family, but on my own. That’s okay, it still came down to family in the end. Of course … Continue reading

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Worst First Pitch Ever?

John Wall gets up there and does what every semi-athletic first pitch thrower is hoping he or she doesn’t do. (The completely unathletic ones just float the thing up there and are more worried about getting it far enough for … Continue reading

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Conflicted About Grantland

Bill Simmons has a new site called Grantland. Apparently, it’s named after a really bad baseball writer. But names shmames. I thought I’d react to Bill Simmons’ introductory article, because I’m conflicted about it. There are some things I like … Continue reading

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LeBron James and his Headband

This scientific examination of LeBron James and his headband made me laugh. Then I had to pause and wonder – am I laughing at him for the misfortune of having a receding hairline? Then I said, eh, whatever. He has … Continue reading

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Tim Duncan Shows Personality

He’s called “Spock” by some for his seeming lack of personality, but maybe Tim Duncan is just understated. See him screw with Sean Elliot here. [F*ckYeahTheSpurs on Tumblr]

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Chris Webber Tell Us How You Really Feel

Chris Webber goes to town on the Miami Heat. Fire burn you they’d say in Jamaica. [Got Em Coach]

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