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Family, Family, Family (Book) Turkey Sandwich Review

Took the week off to have Turkey Day with the family, as everyone did. Turned out, the best moments weren’t with the family, but on my own. That’s okay, it still came down to family in the end. Of course … Continue reading

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Unmanly Things Secretly Manly

Of course we are all tired of the unmanly ads from Miller Lite and Dr. Pepper. There are as many different ways to be a man as there are men, and these cookie-cutter ads don’t really seem to be gaining … Continue reading

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Pyschology of Emotional Expression in Baseball

Tony La Russa stares lazers but steels his face. Ron Washington’s heart is on his sleeve. I investigate their two approaches to emotion through the lens of modern psychological thought. Strange, but fun.

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What is a Blog, Who is a Blogger

For my review of the BlogsWithBalls4.0 conference in New York, I decided to investigate what a blog is. It seemed relevant to think about as I sat in Bloomberg headquarters and watched so many bigger internet content companies (Yahoo!, ESPN … Continue reading

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How to Prove You Haven’t Forgotten

Make a ‘cake’ out of shrimp and calamari.   Buy some new shoes. Get a haircut. In other words, spend some money on atrocious things. [UniWatch and NY.eatery]

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New York Rules

Of course on almost all of these rules for New York. Having lived in Hell’s Kitchen, right next to Times Square, until just last year, I particularly like the first three: 1. Standing at the top of the subway stairs, … Continue reading

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I was thinking about shit while driving up the 280. Like, comedy. I saw this guy with a golf pro look. And I was all wouldn’t it be funny if I pulled up next to him, both of us going … Continue reading

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The Stanford Prison Experiment, Years Later

This check-in on the Stanford Prison Experiment has a couple tidbits that were new to me. For one, I did not know that Phil Zimbardo married the whistleblower that ended the experiment. Kind of amazing. I did know that one … Continue reading

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