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Beer Food Weekend

This weekend has been food weekend. First it was home-made bourbon bbq sauce with grilled short ribs, asparagus and from-scratch baked beans and cornbread. Saturday it was my mother-in-law with roasted pork chops and bacon-braised peaches. Today it was oysters, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Salad Much Sandwich Review

We’re undergoing one of my favorite rituals of the holiday season: clearing out the fridge before we leave for Christmas. I just cooked my boursin-bacon-shrimp-and-whatever-vegetables-are-in-the-fridge masterpiece (frozen peas are a crutch) as an example. And this morning my wife, who … Continue reading

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Incorporate Leftovers Sandwich Review

I’ve been asked this before, so don’t laugh when I pass on a question I got in a chat recently: How can I spice up my sandwiches? It seems like such a natural thing to me, it’s hard to say. … Continue reading

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Pacman Heirloom Tomato Makeout Session

Oh, and that kale pesto has made my last three sandwiches so much better. It pays to have pesto on hand.

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Theres Something Wrong With Me Curry Egg Sandwich Review

We know I’m a little strange about sandwiches and leftovers. We’ve established that. But it gets worse than preparing leftover portions with your mind, or having rules about leftovers in the fridge — it gets worse. Sometimes I start thinking … Continue reading

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Pickles Don’t Go With Everything

Ask my wife — by the time I’m done eating a plate of food I’ve tried every combination of every piece of food with every other piece of food. Does this go with that. Does that go on top of … Continue reading

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Kimchi Mayonnaise Sandwich Review

I’m kind of weird about leftovers. I eye the remaining food at restaurants, trying to gauge the right time to stop eating in order to make sure that I actually have a full lunch portion remaining. Sometimes I do this … Continue reading

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