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Hipsters With Attitude

This hipster has a hipster bike and is grabbing at his hipster crotch, metaphorically.

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How to Prove You Haven’t Forgotten

Make a ‘cake’ out of shrimp and calamari.   Buy some new shoes. Get a haircut. In other words, spend some money on atrocious things. [UniWatch and NY.eatery]

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Classic Cat

With the ‘deal with it’ glasses: [Twin Hurt]

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Nerd Photobombing

Community actor Ken Jeong is great on the show. Apparently, he’s even funny while on vacation from being funny. Yeah, that’s him photobombing a fashion shoot. [GQ]

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Hey I Like Steve Buscemi, But

This is going a bit far. Only a $100! Please don’t tell my wife, that would be so strange. [Neatorama]

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Really Really Dumb Idea

I mean, really. That for a tattoo? Jesus. [SharapovasThigh]

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Satchel Paige looking good, Harlem, 1941. [SBNation]

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