My Interviews, In One Place

I’ve been asked for this, so I thought I’d do it. My in-depth interviews from a stats background, going backwards in time. I’ll try to update this more than I have been. Thanks for reading!!

Josh Fields and the Value of Faith and Positive Thinking 9/18/2015

What the Baltimore Bullpen Can Teach Us About Arm Action (grips) 9/17/2015

The Catcher is Watching You 9/16/2015

Erasmo Ramirez and Strike-Stealing Pitches (grips) 9/11/2015

Hitters, Quit Chopping Wood, Don’t Go For Backspin 9/9/2015

Two Tweaks That Got Sean Doolittle Back 9/8/2015

Jaime Garcia: Improved by Injury? 9/4/2015

Three At-Bat With Brandon Moss 9/2/2015

Where Stephen Piscotty Got His Power 8/31/2015

What Makes Bruce Bochy and Joe Maddon Great 8/26/2015

Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz on the Six-Man Rotation Pitching Schedule 8/21/15

Sam Fuld on Scouting the Umpire 8/20/15

Brandon Crawford on his latest adjustment 8/20/15

Trevor Bauer on how to increase spin rate (grips) 8/14/15

Three Things Carlos Correa Does Daily to Get Better 8/13/15

Michael Brantley on power breakout and aggression early in count 8/12/15

Noah Syndergaard on the evolution of his curveball and slider (grips) 8/11/15

Ryan Braun Changed — Or Did He? 8/7/15

Chris Tillman on combining a riseball with a sinker 8/6/15

Asking Corey Kluber to define his breaking ball (grips) 8/5/15

Josh Donaldson on hitting (and shoulders) 8/4/15

Did Drew Hutchison change his slider or not? 7/29/15

Charlie Blackmon on beating the shift 7/22/15

All of the Mets pitching staff (almost) on the Dan Warthen Slider 7/9/15

Billy Burns on switch-hitting and how the A’s asked him to stop 7/8/15

Ender Inciarte on how to bust platoon splits 7/6/15

Javier Lopez and others on the submarine riseball 7/2/15

Josh Reddick on spitting on the outside pitch 6/30/15

Tyson Ross on his walk rate 6/26/15

Gregory Polanco Struggling With League’s Adjustment to Him 6/25/15

Will Venable and Justin Upton on AT&T Park’s secret home field advantage 6/24/15

Players View: Is Baseball Ready for an Openly Gay Player? 6/18/15

Chris Heston, Now With More Chris Heston 6/12/15

Joey Gallo on (his) strikeouts 6/11/15

J.D. Martinez explains his power breakout 6/10/15

Brian McCann on how he stopped popping up 6/8/15

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Joc Pederson on the top hand 6/3/15

Bryce Harper explains his power breakout (I was always this good) 5/28/15

How Framing Changed Andrew Cashner 5/21/15

Mat Latos throws a pitch that nobody else does (grips) 5/18/15

How Marlon Byrd taught Justin Turner to hit for power 5/13/15

James Shields on how he’s changed to stay afloat (grips) 5/8/15

Wil Myers on finally being healthy (!) 5/6/15

Asking Stephen Vogt if we should believe in him 5/5/15

On George Springer’s over-effort, with his hitting coach 5/4/15

Brett Lawrie on seeing ten straight breaking balls twice 4/30/15

Jose Altuve on the tweaks that made him great 4/30/15

Chris Iannetta on how he improved his framing 4/29/15

Jesse Hahn on his changeup again 4/28/15

Brad Miller on putting on weight 4/24/15

Adam Ottavino and the healthy cutter grip (grips) 4/21/15

James Paxton on James Paxton 4/21/15

Nolan Arenado on hitting 4/15/15

Shin-Soo Choo on injuries 4/9/15

Sean Doolittle on rehabbing a shoulder 4/8/15

Marcus Semien on improving his shortstop D (!) 3/31/15

Anthony DeSclafani on his changeup 3/30/15

Jake Arrieta on his mechanics 3/20/15

Jake Arrieta’s single-grip multi-use slider (grips) 3/18/15

Kris Bryant on his swing 3/13/15

Kris Bryant on tall strike zones 3/12/15

Joey Votto and Jay Bruce on the back leg 3/11/15

Rubby de la Rosa, Chase Anderson, Allen Webster on improving (grips) 3/9/15

Odrisamer Despaigne on his repertoire and strange knuckle eephus 3/3/15

Casey McGehee and Ryan Vogelsong on learning from Japan 2/17/15

Dave Righetti and Hunter Strickland on Deception 2/13/15

Casey McGehee and Ryan Vogelsong on if Japan’s league’s are unfair 2/10/15

Nick Ennis, Padres Director of Baseball Ops 12/17/14

David Forst, Athletics Assistant General Manager 12/11/14

Andrew Cashner on pairing the high fastball with the curve  12/1/14

Kole Calhoun on Kole Calhoun 11/24/14

Brad Ziegler on the submarine changeup 11/17/14

Are foul balls a skill? Asks Sam Fuld 11/10/14

Andrew Susac on Yusmeiro Petit’s Invisiball 10/27/14

Mike Morse on his game-tying home run and pinch-hitting 10/17/14

Alex Gordon on being sent down and getting better 10/13/14

Doug Fister’s mid-game command adjustment 10/6/14

Madison Bumgarner breaks down his game 9/30/14

Jimmy Rollins on yoga 9/25/14

Brandon Moss on the anatomy of a slump 9/24/14

Sam Fuld on longer games and injures 9/22/14

Derek Holland is all about the slider 9/17/14

Chase Anderson on his two changeups 9/16/14

All of Jake Peavy’s many pitches (grips) 9/11/14

Sam Fuld on in-game corner-outfield shifting 9/8/14

Joe Panik on making contact 9/4/14

John Jaso on his concussion and recovery 9/3/14

Nolan Arenado on his defensive improvements 9/2/14

Danny Farquhar on his many arm slots 9/1/14

Jonathan Lucroy, Hank Conger and Jon Lucroy on framing vs blocking 8/25/14

Jacob DeGrom on why he’s better than we thought he’d be (grips) 8/21/14

Adam Dunn on all the failed tweaks he’s made to his process 8/18/14

Tim Lincecum on how he’s trying to cope with decline (grips) 8/14/14

Phil Hughes finally found the right breaking balls (grips) 8/12/14

Sam Fuld on rising fastballs 8/11/14

Jake Odorizzi and Alex Cobb on their shared splitter (grips) 8/7/14

Dallas Keuchel on the slider that saved his career (grips) 7/28/14

Brett Anderson on his slurve (grips) 7/25/14

Todd Frazier on hitting with Billy Hamilton on base 7/21/14

All-Stars on playing a game they won’t prepare for 7/15/14

All-Stars on who they were looking forward to playing most 7/15/14

Top pitching prospects on throwing a pitch that isn’t competitive yet  7/14/14

Brandon Belt on his hitting adjustments (grips) 7/10/14

Jesse Hahn on making two pitches work (grips) 7/7/14

Jay Bruce on hitting and hitting through a slump 7/2/14

Devin Mesoraco on why catchers take longer to break out 6/30/14

Tanner Roark on the importance of strike one (grips) 6/26/14

Hunter Pence, Michael Morse and others about the on-deck circle 6/26/14

Jesse Chavez on going to the cutter as his fastball (grips) 6/25/14

Justin Morneau on how Coors Field makes him a better hitter 6/23/14

Chris Dickerson and Corey Blackmon on their early success 6/20/14

Adam LaRoche on how thinking about hitting is different than thinking about pitching 6/16/14

Tim Hudson on how his arsenal has changed over time (grips) 6/12/14

Mets former hitting coach Dave Hudgens on the role of a hitting coach 6/9/14

Rick Porcello, Sean Doolittle, Brandon McCarthy and Brian Bannister on changeups 6/4/14

Austin Jackson on finding a swing that works 6/2/14

Chris Young tells me to go do new research 5/29/14

Trevor Plouffe on the dangers of good results early on 5/28/14

Michael Morse on his approach 5/22/14

Ervin Santana and Gavin Floyd on their new changeups (grips) 5/19/14

Alex Rios on taking pitches 5/12/14

Andrew Cashner on changing his approach due to injury (grips) 5/5/14

Dan Haren on throwing the feared pitches: the splitter and the cutter 5/1/14

Prince Fielder on changing his approach due to his home park 4/28/14

Zack Greinke on curves 4/23/14

Zack Greinke on the slider and the cutter and throwing both 4/21/14

Brandon McCarthy on bulking up to avoid the in-season slide 4/17/14

Tony Cingrani on throwing one pitch 4/14/14

Mark Trumbo on his new home park 4/10/14

Corey Kluber on ditching a bad four-seamer 4/3/14

Danny Salazar on not returning from surgery too soon 4/2/14

Joey Votto on picking his battles and improving where he can 3/25/14

Brian Wilson on the importance of confidence 3/14/14

Eric Hosmer heckling me 3/13/14

Stephen Vogt on the importance of familiarity wrt framing 3/3/14

Beat writers on the difficulties of their job 1/31/14

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    You deserve a column in major magazines with these questions sir. “Are the playoffs your goal” just doesn’t tickle the fancy anymore

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